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Welcome to Buusaa Gonofaa MFI's Website-Ethiopia. Email:info@bgmfi.com     Tel (Head Office):- (+251)11 41 62 621

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Vision-to build an inclusive financial system that works for all people Click here»
Vision-to build an inclusive financial system that works for all people Click here»
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Together we can build our future Click here»


  • Buusaa Gonofaa Microfinance SC (BG)

    Buusaa Gonofaa Microfinance SC (BG) is incorporated under the Ethiopian law as a profit making Share Company. It is a non-bank financial institution regulated by the central bank; it has license number MFI/11/99 from the National Bank of Ethiopia with a mandate to take deposits from the public at large.

    We are a mission-driven organization committed to enabling people unleash their potentials and improve their wellbeing through access to inclusive and appropriate financial services. We are founded in May 1999 and issued our first micro loan (of Birr 300 per borrower or about USD 40) in November 1999. We started with a tiny loan size of birr 300 per borrower (or less than USD 40) and over time we have built a network of 30 branches serving ‘unbanked’ low-income households in rural areas of Oromia region. Currently, we are one of the leading private MFIs in Ethiopia in terms of the number of active clientele base.

    We work with target groups that are traditionally viewed as ‘un-bankable’ primarily due to socio-economic barriers. Today, BG MFI serves 72,012 active clients as on Dec\'2012, mostly enterprising women and hardworking smallholder .... Read More»

Awards and Achievements

  • Most Recent Awards Click Here For More: »
    • European MF Award 2008
    • CGAP Reporting Award 2009
    • IDE Appreciation Award 2010
  • European Microfinance platform award of the year 2008.

    Buusaa Gonofaa Microfinance Share Company (BG MFI SC) received the 2nd European Microfinance Award for its initiative on social responsibility; a client assessment and monitoring system. \\\"\\\" Winning the 2nd European Microfinance Award has meant a lot in terms of visibility and of course finance. The 100,000 € prize has given to BG the opportunity to continue and refine its work on the scorecard. The award has also contributed greatly to ensure that staff recognize the importance of using the scorecard with their clients. Staff have been very motivated by the exposure the award has given Buusaa Gonofaa and are proud of the achievement. News of the award was on national TV and radio and the national media was pleased that it has gone to an Ethiopian MFI. Historically Buusaa and its mother NGO, HUNDEE have had a difficult relationship with the political authorities especially at local level in some districts and this negative attitude has changed with the airing of the news on the government media. To my guess (in my estimation) this is worth far more that the award itself and significantly contributed to better recognition of not only Buusaa but also MFIs in general. Some of the prize money used for improving the client assessment and monitoring tool, for processing the scorecard, finalizing a data processing system and providing staff training on the tool. Half of the money will be used for capitalization for equity of BG. Our Board has decided that a portion of this award money will be set aside and provided as financial award to ‘most successful clients’ of Buusaa to encourage them in improving their living condition. We will yet work on what indicators would be used to determine ‘successful’ clients in the future.

    Testimonials-clients Speak

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